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My Diary

My Diary

April 22, 2010

I have arrive too early to work ... Do you hear me?


I had wanted to go home…

... I opened the mail and it was full of messages. No, there aren’t any messages, are the same message repeated. The sender is Of course, I quickly marked as spam at all and I deleted. I wrote an email to assist mail service administrators and slept. The next day I went to work and my partner went to the doctor all morning. I have the room for me alone.

I hate being in places without people. In that room, with thirty computers that go on for five thousand people every day without knowing I'm there. Sometimes I envy those officials who are meeting people. Solve their problems:

-Good morning, what do you want?

-A certificate for the identity card.

-Give me your identification.

-I have already told you that it is for the identity card. I do not have, I lost it.

-But you have something that identifies you!

- Do not you see me? what identification do you need more that that?

-You have a document proving your identity.

-I say again, I lost my identity card and I do not have one. I lost my wallet with all documentation that I had.

-You must reported to the police, at least.

-Yes, here it is. Many papers you need for a simple procedure.

-Wait a minute. ¡Zzzzxrrzzzr! ¡ZzzfffrrzrrrfFFzzdffffffffffffffffff! The printer is slow today. Here's your certificate.

-Thanks ... Sorry!. This is not my address. I changed two years ago. And I need the identity card now. I am going to travel and I’m required to take it for the flight. I go out in ...

And after fifteen minutes and three Zzzzxrr ...! ffffffffffffffffff! Another person come in the office.

-Good morning, what do you want?

-Hello, I would need to address social services…

What a pleasure! Finish your day after having helped people in something important in their lives and not what I do in my work, it seems that I am part of an immaterial code, with the impression that if I were not in front of my computer all continue running.

After that night thinking I'm going to bed.

April 23, 2010

I'll have to change the clock. Its buzz is terrifying. Tomorrow I will try to wake up with music, start with classical. It seems that this day started badly, I have no bread. I am a zombie without breakfast. The coffee does not fill the glass. Before I left for breakfast at the bar of the Technology Park. My budget is nearing the limit and I do not want to start taking the reservation.

I saw the computer on when I went through the room. I remember last night shut down the computer. I didn’t give importance, although there was a black screen saver with a rotating red figure. I am in a hurry. Turn off the computer without looking at it.

…road full of cars…

I arrived at the car park and as usual all the places were filled, so I have to park at the end where there aren’t trees that shade the car. When leaving the car, as every morning, the ducks in the pond greeted me affectionately.

I entered my building and greeted the officer, Mary. She gave me the card from the security door. She told me that my partner would not come to work. I answered that I already knew.
I went into the control room, I wanted to rest there and I knew that when I shut the door, I would be resting all the time. Everything was automated.

What's this? I can’t believe it! Today, I can do what I want, computers are beginning to turn red lights everywhere. I know how to turn it off. With the switch beneath it, the error should be corrected. Now, every time I give a switch, jump three more red lights. The alert sounds will attract firefighters. Do they come... to fix…?

I give up. It’s impossible to fix anything. ¡Uups! have turned off all lights at once, without me touching anything, even the sound was silent alert. As I said, today is a strange day. In a screen flashes a message, I get up to see it better: "PRINT". When the mouse move over the letters, the pointer turns into a white bear run and all the screens Flashes with the same message: "PRINT" I think I've seen that bear somewhere, but I can not remember where.

Click the mouse and all printers in the room started to print. The document was so impenetrable that it has attracted my curiosity. The document said that I must follow their instructions or else my life will be a false alarm. Is it a joke?…

… I can not eat by the nervousness of what happens to me tomorrow

April 24, 2010

It’s half past five. when I arrived at the airport remained thirty minutes to take off. There was nobody at the terminal. I looked at the information screens looking for my flight.

I got on the plane…

Passengers were asleep in their seats. The silence was interrupted by the roar of the engines. I again read the note that I was obliged to travel for no apparent reason:

"At the airport of Malaga at 17:25. Pick ticket at the Air France terminal. Go to the hotel d'Orsay, go up room 318, rest, sleep, wait until 13:23, go down to reception and collect the entrance to the Musée d'Orsay. Entering the museum at 14:07. Wait next to the head of the statue of the White Bear. "

It is too schematic, but at the same time very strange…

…Landing in Paris, I looked for a taxi…

… Filtered through the window the faint glow of the pink-gray Parisian sky. The rays fell as if a god was held in his fist. Ended a light breakfast in the hotel bar, at twenty past ten I went to the lounge, and sat, I read the note again. The time of the appointment at the Musée d'Orsay approached.

In the museum there aren’t too many people ... The instructions said that I should put together at the head of the statue of the White Bear, the sculpture by François Pompon. A huge animal with round form that gives the impression of walking through the museum.

I was waiting in front of the bear thirty minutes. I was going to withdraw from there when the flash of a camera made me blind. A pair of Japanese with white hair. They laughed to see my nervousness, They asked me for forgiveness with a reverence. The woman had one of those pocket printers so modern.

I looked everywhere. Have you traveled to Paris at all? This seemed a joke. I started walking towards the door and saw the hind legs of the bear on a few photos. Then I thought it would be east of the couple. I glanced down and saw the pictures better, it attracted my attention, and I picked up the look around. I saw a Japanese couple to go out. I would ran to catch them. I went with a firm step towards them and to look at the photos they fell from my hands. The face printed on photo paper look at me. I felt how it search within me, how it was trying to cling to my soul.

When I went out to the street cars were moving to the rhythm of the river Seine…I went to the hotel and from there I changed the return flight for that evening. Rested until time to go to the airport. At night, I walked into my house in front of the Bay of Málaga. The photos are in a notebook in my backpack. And you appear in all.

Thanks to my English teacher Sonia by correcting the translation.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

El paseo

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010



En Wurst Company Limited trabajaba uno de los más brillantes diseñadores de software del mundo y estaba a punto de probar su última creación.
-McFly, está todo preparado. ¿Has conseguido estabilizarlo?
-Ya está listo jefe, voy a comenzar.


En un cuartel de campaña perdido en algún lugar del Parque Yellowstone.
-¡Me quiere decir que su piltrafa de software era para controlar el consumo de energía de una bombilla! -El General Warrintong no se lo creía, tardaron un año en encontrar la causa del mayor desastre de la historia. McFly salió en su defensa:
-Yo no podía prever que un software militar iba a absorber el código y lo reconvertiría en un virus maligno capaz de bloquear todo tipo de sistemas.
-Y ahora, ¿qué hacemos? -dijo el general. Uno de los técnicos dijo:
-Hay que apagar todo.


Los coyotes durmieron a las puertas de la enorme tienda de mando. Las lonas de la entrada comenzaron a abrirse, una gigantesca cabeza de bisonte macho asomó y dando un bramido feroz al olerlos les hizo huir despavoridos.

La Tierra dormida